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Welcome to Kendama world

Here is "The Archive of the Kendama Tricks". There are hundreds of tricks and it is said that one theory has over 30,000 tricks. And many kendama lovers are going on designing new tricks. So the number of tricks is increasing. I categorize and record these tricks, and open them to the public. Please see freely.

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Category Trick Name
Getsumenchakuriku tricks
Airplane tricks
Tsurushi tricks Gankake Tomeken
The Galaxy Express
Misaki Todai
Turn tricks Yamabiko gaeshi
Sukui tricks Chuzara kingyo sukui back hand
Chuzara kingyo sukui
Seiza chuzara kingyo sukui back hand

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For pursonal use, you can save any contents at this site freely, but mustn't open them without permission. If you want to use by a business purpose, please contact here.

*In this site, I assume to play a kendama by right hand. If you play by left hand, please change right hand to left hand. *Movies' speed is about half of playing tricks really.

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